Selective TV is a non-profit viewer supported organization developed over 40 years ago to bring multiple unscrambled Selective TV to Douglas County and the surrounding area.

Please remember we are member supported so remind your friends and neighbors. Thank You

$120 annually for 60 channels.


News Flash!


After 20 years as the Selective TV office manager Pam Cuperus will be retiring at the end of this year. The entire Board of Directors would like to thank Pam for her long years of dedication and service. We also want to wish here a very happy retirement. Beginning in...

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Selective TV had been experiencing issues with channels 9.4 - 9.9 and 11.1 - 11.4. The problem was located at our receiver site in St.Cloud  yesterday October 7th. The problem was water found in the coax cable from the antenna. The entire length of coax was replaced....

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The Selective TV annual members meeting was held last night (7/8/19) at the Ida Township Hall. Attendance was up from last year and lively discussions were held on a number of topics. Three board members were up for re-election to new 3 year terms, Noel Rich, Tom...

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If the future of local over the air television is important to you plan on attending the Selective TV annual meeting Monday July 8th at 7:00PM at the Ida Township Hall, 4700 county road 6 NW, 2 miles east of Garfield off Hwy 22. There will be a review of the past year...

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42.1 – 42.3 and CHANNEL 18.1

You may have noticed that channels 42.1- 42.3 and channel 18.1 have been missing. Channles 42.1 - 42.3 are broadcast from the Westport tower by KSAX/KSTP and Selective TV nothing to do with that. Channel 18.1 is a rebroadcast of 42.1 that is provided by Selective TV....

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