Selective TV is a non-profit viewer supported organization developed over 30 years ago to bring multiple unscrambled Selective TV to Douglas County and the surrounding area.

Please remember we are member supported so remind your friends and neighbors. Thank You

$120 annually for over 50 channels… will accept any amount of contribution big or small.


News Flash!


Seletive TV was recently awarded a $500.00 grant from REA's Operation Round Up. REA's Operation Round Up has distributed over $873,000 in grants to community minded groups and organizations throughout the Cooperative's service territory since its inception in 2003....

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Congratulations to Mark Polum from Garfield who won the Televes antenna from Selctive TV at the Home and Garden show. Pictured are Jim Borgrud president of the Selective TV board of directors on the left, and Tom Hayes Selective TV board member. Marks situation is unique in that he lives right next to the Selective tower and may in fact be receiving too much signal. The Televes antenna has a built in automatic signal modulator so if there is too much signal it will knock it back or if the signal is low it will boost it, the antenna also filters out any cell phone. Selective TV itself does not sell antennas or install them. Tom along with several other sellers and installers are listed on this page just click on ANTENNA INSTALLATION.

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We had a great turn out at the Selective TV booth at the KXRA 2018 home and garden show. We had non stop conversations both days with people who had lots of questions about everything from antennas to what Selective TV is and how it works. One thing we heard over and over from just about everyone who stopped by is that they are eager to find a less expensive alternative to cable and dish. We were happy to tell them that’s what Selective is all about. Another thing that was clear from the questions we got was that the Selective story has gotten lost over time and that’s why it’s so important that the board of directors, and really all of us, continue to keep the story out there so that we can all continue to enjoy over the air antenna tv. We want to congratulate Mark Polum from Garfield who won the Televes digital antenna after registering at our booth. Thanks to all of you who stopped by the booth, the conversations were very interesting and encouraging. It was a real pleasure to be able to tell everyone that over the air antenna tv is alive and well in West Central Minnesota, and that viewer support has begun to increase.
We have a long way to go, but thanks to all of you who have been supporters from the beginning in the mid 70’s, and to those of you who have recently joined we are headed in the right direction.

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A team of engineers working with new testing equipment has made significant progress today. We have been monitoring the problem channels for the last 3 hours and they all look great. The problem was traced to a specific piece of equipment and that equipment has been...

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