The FCC channel repack took channels away from over the air broadcast television and assigned them to cell phone companies. Over the air television is now restricted to channels 36 and below. As cell phone companies continue to build new towers and activate these new frequencies your over the air television reception can be impacted and in some cases result in total loss of signal. The good news is there is a fix for the problem. It’s a simple and inexpensive device called a filter, or trap. An example is the CM-3201 made by Channel Master and available online. There are similar filters made by other manufacturers as well.These filters are installed in line. It’s important to install them before any amplification takes place otherwise you will amplify both the signals you want and those you don’t want. A little online research into this topic can be very helpful. There are also websites that can be used to locate any cell phone towers that may be near you, just google cell phone tower interference.Cell phone towers are not the only thing that can cause interference but as the number of cell phone towers increases this problem will effect more people. When shopping for a filter look for one that will filter out frequencies 600 mega hertz and above, or that say they will filter out 3G, 4G, and 5G cell phone service.