Selective TV had been experiencing issues with channels 9.4 Р9.9 and 11.1 Р11.4. The problem was located at our receiver site in St.Cloud  yesterday October 7th. The problem was water found in the coax cable from the antenna. The entire length of coax was replaced. In addition some of the old exterior connectors were also replaced. A new interference filter was also installed to deal with cell phone interference.ABC has been moved from channel 18.1 to channel 5.1 and the History and Icon channel has been added to the line up on channel 5.7. These two new channels are experiencing some issues right now but will be cleared up shortly. You may need to re-scan your television to pick up the two new channels. ABC is also available on channels 42.1 Р42.3. Those signals come off the Westport tower and are not provided by Selective TV.