The Selective TV annual members meeting was held last night (7/8/19) at the Ida Township Hall. Attendance was up from last year and lively discussions were held on a number of topics. Three board members were up for re-election to new 3 year terms, Noel Rich, Tom Hayes, and Lonnie Wing, all 3 were re-elected. At a board meeting following the membership meeting the 3 members of the Executive Board were all re-elected to new 1 year terms, Jim Borgrud president, Norm Priebe vice president, and Noel Rich treasurer. The minutes from last years annual membership meeting were read and approved, as was the income and disbursement statement for the past year. Items discussed included the work to be done on the tower anchors and potential costs, the cost of last years frequency changes mandated by the FCC, and possible reimbursement by the federal government, and the rights and responsibilities of rental property owners, condominium associations and tenants in regard to costs passed along to tenants for access to central antenna systems, and contributions made, or not made, to Selective TV. As more and more people reside in rental units and more rental units are being built this has gotten to be a big issue. All parties need to understand how this is supposed to work. The board is working on ideas on how to get the correct information and best practice guidance to all parties. Near the end of the meeting one of those in attendance addressed the meeting to remind everyone how fortunate we all are to have access to 60 plus over the air channels thru Selective TV, and to commend the board of directors for the work they do to insure the future of Selective TV. A robust round of applause followed his comments. The board of directors really appreciated the support. The board also recognizes and encourages the essential work that is being done everyday in big ways and small by all the members in promoting and supporting Selective TV.