If the future of local over the air television is important to you plan on attending the Selective TV annual meeting Monday July 8th at 7:00PM at the Ida Township Hall, 4700 county road 6 NW, 2 miles east of Garfield off Hwy 22. There will be a review of the past year and a look ahead to future plans and challenges, as well as the election of 3 board of director positions currently held by Noel Rich, Tom Hayes, and Lonnie Wing. The newly designed Selective TV brochure will be available, and refreshments will be served. While the annual meeting has always enjoyed good attendance it’s always encouraging to see new faces and to have the opportunity to answer questions about the past, present, and future of over the air television provided by Selective TV, your local non-profit UHF provider. Without Selective TV over the air television in our part of the state would be extremely limited at best.