First of all we want all of you who have posted to this webpage to know that we have been receiving your posts. We have waited to respond until we had more information. Signal loss reports have come in from as close as 3 miles from the tower to 40 miles away from the tower and involve primarily channels 4.1 and 4.2 CBS, and 11 NBC. Trying to figure this out is complicated because there are so many variables, your locations, the type of antennas you have, whether there are obstructions between you and the tower, whether or not you have re-scanned your television after the channel repack etc…, every situation is unique and many people do not include this information in their comments. There are a couple of things I can pass along. The signal strength on the new channels is the same as it was on the old channels. Channels 4.1 and 4.2 used to be broadcast on two different frequencies channel 47 and channel 32, it is now broadcast on just channel 33, (in all instances it would still show up as 4.1 and 4.2 on your television), so it may be that you could not pick it up 32 but you could pick it up on 47.    Some people have solved their issues by using a powered signal booster. These boosters come in a variety of powers 10db, 20db, 36db, etc. Whether or not a signal booster, or which one would work best in your situation is sometimes a matter of experimentation but may be worth a shot. There is another potential problem that I was not aware of and that is interference from wireless internet. If you have wireless internet at your home you can run an experiment. You will want to disconnect the power from your wireless internet antenna, not your router, the internet antenna on your roof. If you are not sure how to do this you can contact your provider for instructions. Once the power is off re-scan your television, if you now get the channels you were missing you’ve found the problem. If this is the problem you can move your television antenna as far as possible from the wireless internet antenna, if that doesn’t work contact your wireless internet provider and see if they have a solution. Some of you may not have wireless internet but may live close to a wireless internet transmission tower if that is the problem you will have to work with that wireless internet provider to find a solution. As i understand it interference from wireless internet should not be a problem for over the air television if all the FCC rules are being observed by wireless internet providers. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer  you can contact one of the antenna specialists listed on this site, they don’t work for free, but the solution will be less expensive than the alternatives. I really hope  that everyone who is having issues will find solutions and if you do find solutions I hope you will post them to this site so that others can benefit as well. Whether is problems or solutions I encourage everyone to keep posting, the more we know the better the service selective tv can provide for all of us.