The time for the channel repack that we have been talking about for several months is here. All the the equipment has finally arrived and now the actual work can be done. The work has been scheduled for Monday October 29th and possibly Tuesday October 30th. As this switch to new channels takes place there will be loss of signal from Selective TV. Exact times and duration of outages are difficulty to determine ahead of time. However, everything will be done to keep the outages to a minimum, Once the changes have been made we will all have to re-program our television sets to find the new channels by using the auto program feature in our television sets. If you are not familiar with how to do this now would be a good time to get out the owners manual for your television and figure it out, it’s usually a very simple process.  If more information as to exact times and duration of outages becomes available we will post it here and on our facebook page. If you have questions feel free to ask them here or on facebook and we will do our best to answer them. We are all hoping the process will go smoothly for everyone.