As some of you may be aware CBS has sold the channel 7 frequency. Channel 7 broadcasts the programming from WCCO Television over the air from the Westport tower. As you know Selective TV is not and never has been involved with the Westport tower. So what this means is that beginning January 1 2018 WCCO programming will not be available over the air to your television antenna. If you receive WCCO programming by cable, or dish, or some other means you will not be affected. Selective TV has submitted a proposal to CBS to carry WCCO programming thru our equipment so that it would remain available over the air. CBS is considering our proposal but as yet we have not heard back from them one way or the other. We remain hopeful that we come to some agreement with CBS so that WCCO/CBS programming will remain available over the air in our area. As soon as we hear from CBS we will let everyone know.

If you would like to contact CBS or WCCO or both to encourage them to use Selective TV to maintain  an over the air signal in our area you can contact CBS customer service in New York at 212-975-4321. You can contact WCCO at 612-339-4444 or 800-444-9226.