I’m sure that everyone has noticed the recent reception problems on some stations. Most notably channel 11 NBC but also the 5 series, the 9 series, channels 23 and 41. Without getting too technical let me explain that the television signals come into the Selective TV transmitter building in a variety of ways, satellite, over the air, microwave, and fiber optic. In regard to the problem channels mentioned above this is how it works. The signals travel over the air from the twin cities to a building in St. Cloud, from there they travel via fiber optic to the old KCMT building in downtown Alexandria, from there they are microwaved to the Selective TV transmitter building, processed and then sent out to your antenna from the Selective TV antenna. Right now you are probably thinking that sounds pretty complicated and that the weak link could be anywhere along the line and while that is true we believe the problem is in the fiber optic that runs from St. Cloud to Alexandria. Sometime over the next few days there will be an update to that fiber optic system. The channels mentioned will be off the air for a few minutes when this upgrade takes place. We are optimistic that this upgrade will resolve the current problems. So in short, the Selective TV board is aware of the problem and steps are being taken to resolve the issue. In fact, everyone on the board uses Selective TV so we are always immediately aware of problems when they happen and we are just as annoyed as everyone one else when our television viewing is interrupted.  Thanks to all of you who remain supportive of the service Selective TV provides.