Selective TV is a non-profit viewer supported organization developed over 30 years ago to bring multiple unscrambled Selective TV to Douglas County and the surrounding area.

Please remember we are member supported so remind your friends and neighbors. Thank You

$120 annually for over 50 channels… will accept any amount of contribution big or small.


News Flash!


As the result of a satellite change by one of our content providers we have made some changes to the channel line up. Channel 20.1 is now Escape TV,  Channel 20.5 is Automotive TV,  Channel 21.3 is Grit TV, and Channel 21.5 is Laff TV You can google these channels...

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UPDATE ON CHANNELS 20.1 21.3 21.5

Following up on yesterdays post. After moving the dish from 87 to 113 degrees we ran into some interference issues from a nearby tower so we were not able to get those channels back up.. We are working to resolve those issues but it could take a few days or even...

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Satellite Change

One of our program suppliers changed their satellite from 87 degrees to 113 degrees overnight. This is affecting channels  20.1 Heartland TV, 21.3 Action TV, and 21.5 Retro TV. We will realign our dish to 113 degrees and restore these channels. We hope to get this...

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First of all we want all of you who have posted to this webpage to know that we have been receiving your posts. We have waited to respond until we had more information. Signal loss reports have come in from as close as 3 miles from the tower to 40 miles away from the...

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Since the channel repack we have been hearing scattered reports from people who are having difficulty receiving some channels. We want to know about any difficulty's you may be having. If you post here or on the facebook page please give us the most complete...

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