Selective TV is a non-profit viewer supported organization developed over 30 years ago to bring multiple unscrambled Selective TV to Douglas County and the surrounding area.

Please remember we are member supported so remind your friends and neighbors. Thank You

$120 annually for nearly 50 channels… will accept any amount of contribution big or small.


News Flash!


I'm sure that everyone has noticed the recent reception problems on some stations. Most notably channel 11 NBC but also the 5 series, the 9 series, channels 23 and 41. Without getting too technical let me explain that the television signals come into the Selective TV...

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CHANNEL 18 ABC ANALOG Channel 18 ABC analog is up and running. The picture is not as sharp as the digital picture but at least ABC is available. You can use auto program and your tv will find it for you or you an punch in 18 on your key pad, some sets you have to...

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From time to time Selective TV has to reassign programming to a different channel. There are a variety of reasons why this happens and without going into all of those reasons lets just say we only do it when we don't have any other choice. Now that our web site is...

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Channel 18.1

Digital Channel 18.1 which is ABC/KSTP has been out for about a month due to a lighting strike at the tower site. The equipment was sent to Florida for repair. As soon as it is back 18.1 will be restored. Channel 18 analog no longer exists.

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